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Birthdate:Apr 5
Location:California, United States of America
Gothy feminist SAH mother of two (b. 2010 & 2013) with English literature B.A., who speaks Russian badly, and reads Latin worse. Publishing industry refugee who has since wandered from a Ph.D. program in English literature. Married to TT economist at a SLAC. Read lots of SFFH, some non-fiction, some literature. Semi-frequently crochet & knit. Cook as much for enjoyment as necessity, though more ethnic & healthy than frou-frou & pretentious. Enjoy theatre, film, but rarely leave home to see either. I am a chronic migraineur with persistent aura (visual snow, afterimages, variable-intensity tinnitus) and prone to nausea.

I'm also a former vegetarian/pescatarian ex-smoker who's spent 75% of her life within 20 miles of the Pacific Ocean. Began the journey of species propagation in earnest in September 2010 with the successful birth of my son, ended it with a daughter three years later (almost to the day). Have been practicing via kitty-mommyhood for longer than I can remember.

There is an LJ; not sure whether this will just be an alternate journal of similar type, or an outright different thing.

Interests (142):

28 days later, alexander pope, andre norton, angel, angelo badalamenti, barbara hambly, bauhaus, before the rain, being a good parent, being aware, blue velvet, books about books, brahms, brian fagan, brmc, brotherhood of the wolf, buffy the vampire slayer, burn notice, castle, catherine wheel, cats, charlaine harris, charlotte bronte, checking facebook, checking lj, chris isaak, clan of xymox, climate history, connie willis, converter, cooking, covenant, creedence clearwater revival, critical theory, crochet, david bowie, delerium, depeche mode, dexter, dvorak, e.m. forster, earthquakes, emily bronte, english literature, ever after, feminism, firefly, foreigner, frances burney, frank herbert, garbage, gene wolfe, gilmore girls, heavenly creatures, history, hole, imminent starvation, infectious diseases, inxs, jane austen, jared diamond, jennifer roberson, journey, julee cruise, kate elliott, kim harrison, knitting, laurie garrett, literary criticism, literary theory, lois mcmaster bujold, lone star, looking under the rock, lost, lost highway, louise erdrich, lynn abbey, making lists, martha wells, mary gentle, medieval europe, michael pollan, michelle sagara west, morrissey, mussorgsky, nick cave & the bad seeds, nirvana, organizing, patricia briggs, peter murphy, pink floyd, pirates, playing computer games, public health, puttering, queen margot, reading, reexamining history, ridicule, rosemary kirstein, safe, samuel johnson, serenity, sherri s. tepper, siouxsie & the banshees, sisters of mercy, slowdive, snow white: a tale of terror, spoiling cats, steven brust, storm constantine, sushi, suspiria, syriana, tanith lee, the cave, the company of wolves, the cult, the cure, the damned, the day after tomorrow, the dream life of angels, the dresden files, the grateful dead, the mission (uk), the moody blues, the pixies, the renaissance, the smiths, the unusuals, the wicker man (1973), twin peaks, updating librarything, ursula k. leguin, vampire pirates, vampires, videodrome, volcanoes, watching tv, william shakespeare, world of warcraft, zymosiz
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