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([personal profile] katyakoshka Jul. 18th, 2012 04:18 pm)
* Mom broke out of the hospital after two days, narrowly escaping home health care for extended antibiotics. Still no clear idea what's causing the fevers, though their timing is consistently mid-to-late evening.

* Ty went to swim class yesterday. He screamed for the first 10-15 minutes, enjoyed the second half, and then we went with three moms and their respective almost-two-year-olds (two August and one September kid, Ty's right in the middle) to the playground at the same park as the pool.

* Took Ty for second library visit. Hung out with a couple moms and kids there for about an hour. Will need to bring snacky-foods next time we go (in two weeks). Turns out Ty likes blueberries (yay) and sort-of-likes Goldfish crackers (meh; I'll see what the TJ's equivalent is).

* David and his guild downed heroic Deathwing two nights before the recent nerf, so he's happy, and racking up achievements on his pally.

* I started working on my algebra skillz. Hoping to get into Calculus I starting middle of next month, along with Physical Geology (which includes a lab). Not sure when I'll start on the physics and chemistry, but the former had a schedule incompatible with David's for fall semester (he's MWF, 8:30 dep to 5-ish return home MW, and 8:30 to 3-ish Fridays, but has TTh off), while the latter was Full. Alternate option is Calc and General Biolgy. All would be required for transfer into CSULB's geology major.

* Houseguest was fine, brief overnight, arriving midnight Sun/Mon, departing 9-ish or so Mon evening after a tapas dinner (goat barbacoa, excellent skirt steak, crunchy lentils, fried potatoes, a roasted beet salad and a cheese/fruit plate to finish). We split the bill, so it wasn't cheap but it wasn't too exorbitant.

* Ty has Kindermusik camp next week. One of the other swim moms told me the instructor is great, and we might feel compelled to continue classes with her directly on a regular basis.

* I think the "Tumbling for Tots" class starts next Friday as well.

* This Saturday, Ty and I return to Irvine for a baby shower for six pregnant moms from the complex's playgroup. AFAIK, they're all due between September and December. David will be meeting up with a guildmate from AZ who's going to Disneyland that day, and we may be joining them for dinner.

* Monsoon weather again today. Friday no longer projected to hit triple digits, putting farmers' market and playing at the park 10:30-noonish back on the agenda. Must. Get up. Earlier.

* Got up before 9am on Monday.

* Ty didn't get up until 9:30 yesterday.

* Really need to go to bed sooner.

* Really need to get back to math now. Passed yesterday to make much-needed TJ's trip; Ty was awake and waiting at the front door when I got home. I am enjoying it a little, though it's pretty basic refresher stuff thus far. The trigonometry will be... interesting. Sine cosine tangent cotangent secant et cetera, then the graphing of the parabolas, elliptical functions, circles... I remember that being really fun, but not without a degree of effort. This is all so I can retake calculus where you integrate single-variable functions. I know I loved doing derivatives in math analysis, but I slacked on calculus in favor of shopping for a theatre production in LA as an assistant designer. Foolish, foolish, foolish. Then again, I also got a degree in English literature and went back for more ten years later. In this vein, yes, I am a slow learner. :P


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